Summer in Mara guide Wiki

The slowest pirate in the ocean. She’s a teenager ank who left her home planet because… I don’t know, whatever. She was bored, I guess.

Now she has a ship and travel everywhere but doesn’t care much about racing or looting. That’s why she doesn’t have a crew and the people who join her take the pirate life with a calm and less serious approach than other pirates. She loves the swinging of the boat, it's a great feeling and calm her down from the past that she want to leave behind.

She is not worried about other pirates or the navy, because Taima does her own thing and ignore everything else. But Taima does have a big fear: the water. She hates when she gets wet. Her fur weight a lot when it's soaked and she can drown, so it’s understandable her fear. [1]

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