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Napopo is Koa's navigator. She belongs to a strange and ancient race that lives in the bottom of the ocean called Mara. Nobody knows anything about them, because there’re very shy and they prefer to stay hide from the rest of the world. They care very much for everything that lives in the ocean. There are rumors about them, old sea shanties that refers to this creatures as very tender and mysterious. Napopo can sense if someone is pure of heart or dangerous.

Napopo needs to be wet at all times. She can go outside the water, but Koa needs to give her a salt water bath to keep her fresh and alive. She looks like she can eat about everything, like the rest of the humans and qüido living in Mara. Napopo goes with Koa wherever she travels, Napopo never leaves the coast, she always needs to be close to the sea. On Qälis, however, Napopo visits the temple in the north east corner, where she hangs out with Blu.

Napopo paints.

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